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Areas for improvement


There are a number of issues still remaining with the article.

1. I have read the whole article and made many changes to the syntax, grammar and formatting. Despite this, I am sure that there is room for improvement. It would be helpful if an experienced editor copy-edits the article, perhaps someone from WikiProject Musicians.

2. I have tried to check all of the references. However there are several that I haven't been able to.

References blocked


There are several hyperlinked references that are blocked by my safe filter:-

24: Pytlik, "Interview: M.I.A.", Pitchfork Media

26: Pearson, "M.I.A.", Fused Magazine

34: Timmermann, "M.I.A.—Arular—review", Stylus Magazine

42: Simmons, "M.I.A.", Stylus Magazine

49: Myers, "M.I.A. 2005: Live Performances", KEXP-FM

58: "M.I.A.'s Out for Blood With New Track", Rolling Stone

60: Thompson, "DFA, Adrock Remix M.I.A.'s "Paper Planes" on New EP", Pitchfork Media

66: "M.I.A. adds U.S. dates to Summer Tour", Pitchfork Media

Foreign language references


43. "De Tijd: M.I.A./Arular", De Tijd. This article is (I believe) in Dutch, and it requires a fee to view.

There are several printed magazine articles and book references that I have been unable to check.

23. Weiner, "The Next Best Thing! M.I.A.", Blender

37. Meyers, "Missing in Act(i)on", Vibe

44. Collins, "M.I.A.—Front Line"

45. W.H., "M.I.A.", Spin

48. Mower, "Keeping It Real", Vogue

57. "M.I.A.: Person in Focus", Aera

67. "M.I.A. Picks Best Global Sound", Rolling Stone. This reference also requires a page number.

68. "Spike Jonze Spends Saturday With...", The video is no longer available.