ଶ୍ରେଣୀ:ଅଚଳ ପ୍ରକଳ୍ପ ପୃଷ୍ଠା

This category contains Wikipedia project namespace pages that are currently inactive, and retained primarily for historical interest. This includes proposals that failed to gain consensus, pages related to processes that are no longer in use, or pages that are obsolete for some other reason. WikiProjects are not normally placed here but are instead tagged with {{[[Template:WikiProject status|Inactive|WikiProject status|Inactive]]}}.

Rejected proposals can also be found at Category:Wikipedia rejected proposals and dormant proposals and other archived pages can be found at Category:Wikipedia archives.

Revival of inactive pages with new ideas and discussion is always welcome, though in some cases it may be better to start a separate page, especially when making a new proposal which is substantially different from the previous one.

Use {{historical}} to place pages in this category.

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