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|official_name = City of Manila
|native_name = <div style="line-height:1.5em">''{{lang|tl|Lungsod ng Maynila}}''
|nickname = Pearl of the Orient<ref>{{cite web |url=http://select.nytimes.com/gst/abstract.html?res=F00D1FFE345C1B7B93C7A91789D85F418485F9 |title= 'PEARL OF ORIENT' STRIPPED OF FOOD; Manila, Before Pearl Harbor, Had Been Prosperous&mdash;Its Harbor One of Best Focus for Two Attacks Osmena Succeeded Quezon |date=1945-02-05 |month=February |publisher=[[New York Times]] |accessdate=18-06-10 |quote=Manila, modernized and elevated to the status of a metropolis by American engineering skill, was before Pearl Harbor a city of 623,000 population, contained in an area of fourteen square miles.}}</ref><br />The City of Our Affections<br />Distinguished and Ever Loyal City<br />
|settlement_type = [[Cities of the Philippines|Capital City]]
|motto = ''Linisin at Ikarangal ang Maynila'' <br />("Clean and Honor Manila")
|title_style = <!-- (optional) -->
|list_style = text-align:left;display:none;
|1 = • Benjamin D.R. Asilo <br /><small> [[Legislative districts of Manila#1st District|1st District]]</small>
|2 = • Carlo V. Lopez <br /><small> [[Legislative districts of Manila#2nd District|2nd District]] </small>
|3 = • Ma. Zenaida B. Angping <br /><small> [[Legislative districts of Manila#3rd District|3rd District]] </small>
|4 = • Ma. Theresa Bonoan-David <br /><small> [[Legislative districts of Manila#4th District|4th District]] </small>
|5 = • Amado S. Bagatsing <br /><small> [[Legislative districts of Manila#5th District|5th District]] </small>
|6 = • Rosenda Ann M. Ocampo <br /><small> [[Legislative districts of Manila#6th District|6th District]] </small>
|leader_title3 = [[Sangguniang Panlungsod|City Council]]
'''ମାନିଲା''', [[ଫିଲିପାଇନ୍ସ]]ର ରାଜଧାନୀ ଅଟେ ।
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== ପର୍ଯ୍ୟଟନ ==
== ବାହାର ତଥ୍ୟ ==
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* [http://www.manila.gov.ph Official Website]

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