Granted Inherited Denied Revoked Depends Limited

Allows user(s) to… Blocked users Unregistered
Registered accounts Auto-confirmed
and Confirmed
Bots Administrators Bureaucrats other groups
abusefilter-log view the abuse log                
abusefilter-log-detail view detailed abuse log entries                
abusefilter-view view abuse filters                
abusefilter-revert revert all changes by a given abuse filter                
apihighlimits request API queries in batches of 5,000, rather than 500               Researcher  
autoconfirmed edit semi-protected pages            
autopatrol automatically mark all edits made by the user as patrolled               autopatrolled, Global rollbacker  
bigdelete delete pages with over 5,000 revisions              
block block an IP address, user name, or range of IPs, from editing              
boardvote check IPs and strike out votes during Board elections               boardvote
bot edit without their edits showing up in recent changes                
checkuser see all IP addresses used by a registered user or to show all edits from a given IP address               checkuser
collectionsaveascommunitypage Save books as community page in the book namespace                
collectionsaveasuserpage Save books as user subpage                
createaccount create a new user account for themselves or another user             account creator  
createpage create a new page                
createtalk create a new talk page                
delete delete a page with ≤ 5,000 revisions              
deletedhistory view the history of a deleted page or a user's deleted contributions             Researcher  
deletedtext view the text of deleted revisions                
deleterevision access RevisionDelete tool for viewing, deleting, restoring the text, edit summary, and/or username of a revision                
edit edit any page which is not protected                
editinterface edit the MediaWiki namespace to affect the interface              
edittalk edit their own talk page              
editusercssjs edit .css or .js subpages of other users              
hiderevision permanently hide revisions from public view               oversight
import Import pages from other wikis               Importers and Transwiki importers
importupload import pages from a locally stored XML file               import
ipblockexempt be unaffected by blocks applied to the user's IP address or a range (CIDR) containing it.               Ipblock-exempt
markbotedits mark rollback as bot edits, to keep them out of recent changes               Global rollbacker
minoredit make an edit marked as 'minor'                
abusefilter-modify modify abuse filters               Edit Filter managers
move change the title of a page by moving it                
movefile change the title of a file by moving it               file movers
move-rootuserpages Move root user pages                
move-subpages Move pages with their subpages                
nominornewtalk minor edits by this user to user talk pages do not trigger the "you have new messages" banner                
noratelimit Not be affected by rate limits               account creator, Global rollbacker
override-antispoof blocks the creation of accounts with mixed-script, confusing and similar usernames               account creator
oversight view revisions that have been permanently hidden               oversight
patrol state that they have checked a page that appeared in Special:Newpages                
protect change protection levels, edit and move protected pages              
purge purge a page by adding &action=purge to the URL                
read read pages                
renameuser change the name of an existing account                
reupload overwrite an existing unprotected file                
reupload-own Overwrite existing files uploaded by oneself                
rollback use a special link to more easily revert a bad edit             (Global) rollbacker
sendemail e-mail a user (using Special:EmailUser/username) who have associated an email address with themselves              
skipcaptcha Perform captcha triggering actions without having to go through the captcha              
suppressredirect not create a redirect from the old name when moving a page             Global rollbacker
tboverride Override the title blacklist             account creator
undelete undelete a previously deleted page or specific revisions from it, view deleted revisions              
unwatchedpages view a list of pages which are not on anyone's watchlist              
upload upload a media file                
userrights change the user groups of another user           +/− rollbacker,
+/− Ipblock-exempt
+/− accountcreator
+/− autopatrolled
+/− Edit Filter managers
+/− Confirmed
+/− Filemover
+/− Reviewer
+/− administrator,
+ bureaucrat,
+/− bot
+/− accountcreator,
+/− reviewer,
steward, founder
+/− any
writeapi Use of the write API                

Permission Allows user(s) to… Blocked users Unregistered
Registered accounts Auto-confirmed
and Confirmed
Bots Administrators Bureaucrats other groups