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{{ଛୋଟ|Earth Day}}
ପ୍ରତିବର୍ଷ [[ଅପ୍ରେଲ]][[ମାସ]] ୨୨ ତାରିଖକୁ [[ପୃଥିବୀ]] ଦିବସ ବା ଆର୍ଥ ଡେ ଭାବେ ପାଳନ କରାଯାଇଥାଏ । ୧୯୭୦ ମସିହାରେ ପ୍ରଥମେ ଆର୍ଥ ଡେ ପାଳନ କରାଯାଇଥିଲା । ପରିବେଶବିତ୍ ତଥା [[ଆମେରିକା]]ର ସିନେଟର ଗେଲର୍ଡ ନେଲସନ ପ୍ରଥମେ ଏହି ଦିବସ ପାଳନ କରିଥିଲେ । ପରେ ୧୯୯୦ ମସିହାରେ ପୃଥିବୀର ୧୪୧ଟି ଦେଶରେ ଏହି ଦିବସ ପାଳନ ହୋଇଥିଲା । ବର୍ତ୍ତମାନ ବିଶ୍ଵର[[ବିଶ୍ଵ]]ର ୧୭୫ଟି ଦେଶରେ ଆର୍ଥ ଡେ ପାଳିତ ହେଉଛି ।
== ଆଧାର ==
==ବାହାର ତଥ୍ୟ==
{{Wikinews|Earth Day 2008 marked in various ways}}
{{Wikinews|Earth Day 2009 celebrated around the globe}}
;Earth Day
*[http://www.earthday.org/ Earth Day Network] – Coordinating worldwide events for Earth Day.
*[http://earthday.envirolink.org/ Earth Day Event Calendar] at the [[EnviroLink Network]]
*[http://www.wikihow.com/Celebrate-Earth-Day Celebrate Earth Day] How to Celebrate Earth Day from [[WikiHow]]
*[http://en.chinagate.cn/features/earth/node_7065933.htm Earth Day 2009] Special Coverage on China Development Gateway.
*[http://www.epa.gov/earthday/ United States Earth Day] – The U.S. government's ''Earth Day'' site.
*[http://www.earthday.ca/ Earth Day Canada] – The Canadian Official Site for ''Earth Day''
*[http://earthday.nature.org/ Earth Day at The Nature Conservancy]
*[http://www.history.com/topics/earth-day Earth Day] at The History Channel
*[http://earthday.envirolink.org/history.html/ How the First Earth Day Came About by Senator Gaylord Nelson]
*[http://nepis.epa.gov/Exe/ZyNET.exe/40000CB9.txt?ZyActionD=ZyDocument&Client=EPA&Index=1986%20Thru%201990&Docs=&Query=&Time=&EndTime=&SearchMethod=1&TocRestrict=n&Toc=&TocEntry=&QField=pubnumber^%2220K-9001%22&QFieldYear=&QFieldMonth=&QFieldDay=&UseQField=pubnumber&IntQFieldOp=1&ExtQFieldOp=1&XmlQuery=&File=D%3A\ZYFILES\INDEX%20DATA\86THRU90\TXT\00000006\40000CB9.txt&User=ANONYMOUS&Password=anonymous&SortMethod=h|-&MaximumDocuments=10&FuzzyDegree=0&ImageQuality=r105g16/r105g16/x150y150g16/i600&Display=p|f&DefSeekPage=x&SearchBack=ZyActionL&Back=ZyActionS&BackDesc=Results%20page&MaximumPages=-1&ZyEntry=1 EPA Journal: Earth Day] – an entire journal dedicated to Earth Day, written in early 1990
*[http://www.kab.org/ Keep America Beautiful] holds Earth Day cleanup activities in communities nationwide. The organization launched the famous [[Crying Indian]] campaign on Earth Day, 1971.
*[http://uwpress.wisc.edu/books/2095.htm "Beyond Earth Day: Fulfilling the Promise,"] by Gaylord Nelson, with Susan Campbell and Paul Wozniak, The University of Wisconsin Press, 2002
*[http://earthweek1970.org/ Earth Week 1970 | The First Earth Day and the Earth Week Committee of Philadelphia] – The history of the First Earth Day in 1970, the founding of Earth Week, and the historic events of the first Earth Week in Philadelphia
*[http://www.nelsonearthday.net/ Gaylord Nelson and Earth Day: The Making of the Modern Environmental Movement] narrative account of the origins of Earth Day, Nelson's political career, as well as online access to documents from the Wisconsin Historical Society's Nelson Papers collection
*[http://www.nelsonearthday.net/collection/beginning-cbsnews-letter.htm Gaylord Nelson letter outlines the origins Earth Day] April 1971 to CBS President Stanton to correct TV news reporting about Earth Day's origins
*[http://www.deepdaleoutdoorfestival.co.uk/ Deepdale Outdoor & Wildlife Festival] Annual Earth Day event on the North Norfolk Coast
*[http://www.earthdaycarol.org/ Earth Day Carol] a free educational resource available on their website and downloadable app
*[http://lagunadeapoyo.blogspot.com/2013/05/earth-day-2013-in-laguna-de-apoyo.html/ Earth Day event in Nicaragua 2013] Nicaragua celebrates Earth Day
;Equinoctial Earth Day
*[http://www.earthsocietyfoundation.org/ Earth Society Foundation] – Official organization arranging annual equinox Earth Day celebration at the United Nations
*[http://www.directdesignnow.com/earthday-book/Default.html Who Started Earth Day] – The Origins of the equinox Earth Day.
;Earth Day by year
*[http://www.billionactsofgreen.com/ Billion Acts of Green (Beta)] – Official Earth Day Network's "Billion Acts of Green" website for students and young adults
*[http://www.earthday.org/earth-day-2011 A Billion Acts of Green (®)] – A "people-powered campaign to generate a billion acts of environmental service and advocacy before Rio +20" (as well as a registered trademark).
*[http://www.earthday.org/2012 Earth Day 2012 – Mobilize the Earth]
*[http://www.earthday.org/2013/ Earth Day 2013 – The Face of Climate Change]
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