Usageସମ୍ପାଦନ କରନ୍ତୁ

Add {{subst:Welcome}} ~~~~ to the user's talk page.


  • First parameter = your name: {{subst:Welcome|Myname}}
  • Parameter 'art' = Article the user positively contributed to: {{subst:Welcome|art=Radar detector}}

Shortcut: {{subst:w}} ~~~~

Be sure to remember to add your signature ( ~~~~ ) after the template, as the text refers to 'my talk page'.

For anonymous editorsସମ୍ପାଦନ କରନ୍ତୁ

Use {{subst:Welcome-anon}} for anonymous (IP) editors.

See alsoସମ୍ପାଦନ କରନ୍ତୁ