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An article, file, or image that I created or uploaded has been deleted!

First, please check that it has definitely been deleted. Often, users look for a page but have spelled or capitalized it differently than they created it. All Wikipedia titles are case-sensitive, with the exception of the first letter in the page title, which is not. Check your contributions as well.

Next, check the deletion log. If you enter in the page title under "Title", you will see the reason for the deletion, as well as the name of the user who deleted the page. Clicking (talk) next to that user's name will bring you to a page where you can send a message to that user.

If the page was deleted due to copyright problems or lack of permission, see Wikipedia:Contact us/Permit.

Otherwise, if having discussed the matter with the user, you are unable to agree a resolution to your issue, please open a listing at Wikipedia:Deletion review.

Please do not email us regarding pages that have been deleted. You will be referred to the above instructions. Our email response team does not have any additional authority to delete or undelete pages.